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Congo Safaris & Tours, Gorilla Trekking Adventures & Trips

Gorilla Trekking Safari in Congo`s Virunga National Park, explore the world`s most charming ape in the serene and breathtaking natural rainforests of Congo-Virunga national park and appreciate the power of Art in the creation of the African continent!

Gorilla tracking in Congo’s Virunga national park rewards trekkers with a true remarkable beauty of Africa in a natural state. Congo boasts of housing at least a total of 200 out of 880 Mountain Gorillas in the world. Gorillas do not only look like humans, but also behave in a human way.

If you luckily go for a gorilla tracking safari in Congo, you will realize that gorillas live in families with a respective number of members known to each other. Most interesting to experience on a gorilla tracking safari in Congo is the hierarchy of leadership and responsibility amongst families.

While on your gorilla tracking safari in Congo, be keen to observe that each gorilla in a troop has its own duties to perform-distributed amongst troop members for a common benefit. It is of no doubt that a gorilla tracking safari in Congo will remain in the trekkers eternal memory for life!

Gorilla trekking safaris in Congo are accompanied by the smiles and convivial faces of the hospitable Congolese (natives) who are eager to associate with foreign visitors throughout the whole gorilla tracking safari.

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