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Getting To Mount Nyiragongo Volcano DR.Congo

Hiking to the summit of mount Nyiragongo an active volcano commences at the Kibati patrol post, approximately a half an hour by car driving from Goma town and not more than an hour from Mikeno lodge. The hiking activity is led by the professionally experienced Virunga national park rangers. Should you require to carry luggage to the top like cameras, binoculars and other hiking gear, native porters are frequently available for hire at a simple amount. Hiking to the summit of Nyiragongo is a simple experience for passionate travelers. Depending on how fit a group or an individual is, the hiking to mount Nyiragongo summit in Congo costs between 4-6 hours. Simply the Brave`s cake! If the group is fit enough, Hiking mountain Nyiragongo and descending on the same day is possible though exhausting. Alternatively, hikers are advised to spend an overnight in the basic accommodation present at the top of mountain Nyiragongo. Hiking to the top of mount Nyiragongo is surprising and a funny experience. Yes, its a mountain and you expect people to be sweating while hiking, but hey! your advised to carry a raincoat and cold weather gear along with you. Frequently, yow will experience rain showers during hiking to the top of mount Nyiragongo in Congo and in rainy seasons, the temperatures here can decrease to even below 00C/320F.

What you should know before you chose to take the mount Nyiragongo trek in Virunga park

Before you chose to take the Nyiragongo trek, know your limits; Mt. Nyiragongo is trekkable and it doesn’t require to be extremely fit, you need to however be healthy enough, I wouldn’t advise you to take this trek; if your allergic to weather changes because the higher you go at this mountain, is the cooler you become, if you have a problem with your joints like knees and ankles. The trek is considered as strenuous however it is doable.
The lava lake is very dangerous yet very attractive, be keen to watch the lake from the moderate distance, do not go so close, you might get phobia and fall into. Beware that it’s not healthy to spend months at this volcano or even around it. The volcano releases poisonous gas that is reported to have killed many citizens who inhale this gas everyday especially children. No one can tell how many people die from this gas. Also, to know is that no one is aware of when and where the next eruption will occur around the active volcanic Nyiragongo! But above all, many people have visited this volcano and have not been affected by and health complications and they forever praise the experience!

Transport Means to mount Nyiragongo in Virunga Park DR.Congo

Road Transport to Mount Nyiragongo Volcano

There are taxes that operate from Kigali Rwanda`s capital to the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Water Transport to Mount Nyiragongo Volcano

Visitors who want to end their journey in Virunga Park and they are from Bukavu, there are always ferries to take you

Air Transport to Mount Nyiragongo Volcano

A flight to Kigali international airport is the most appropriate for visitors to Virunga national park in Congo