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Why Visit DR Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most Magical safari tour destinations in Africa and in the World at large. The Countryside of Democratic Republic of Congo is occupied with a multitude of colorful flowers, Flourishing fruits and Luscious green plants which make it very conducive for leisure time and living. At this point you get a clear view of the standing high mountain peaks which are embellished with wisps of mist and giant primates roam the rainforests. As a tourist to Democratic Republic of Congo, most of the time is spent in climbing to great heights of clear views, having close intervals with some of the world’s rarest creatures which include the mountain ranges through thick and wet rainforests in search for a daring experience ever before. Democratic Republic of Congo offers the most wondering extra-ordinary experiences that anyone (every tourist) deserves to have seen, appreciated and protected
There are only a few regions in Democratic Republic of Congo that tourists and travelers can visit and explore at present. One of these is the breathtaking Virunga National Park which is a home to about a quarter of the world’s detracting and endangered Mountain Gorillas. Virunga National Park is Africa’s oldest national park and is popular for its thick forest, exceptional mountain peaks like Mount Nyiragongo Volcano and ancient swamps. As one tourist wrote: “I had ascended eight Mountain volcanoes before my extra-ordinary trip to Democratic Republic of Congo, but Nyamuragira and Nyiragongo were the leads overhead.” The park also has a wide diverse of wildlife, including about a quarter of the world’s remaining 1004 Mountain Gorillas and 2,500 hippopotamuses which live on the banks of Lake Edward and the park’s three rivers.
The cost label for a Mountain Gorilla permit is $400 and which is far low-priced than Rwanda, just across the border from the gorilla section of Virunga, where prices were raised to between $750 and $1,500 last year.
Besides the Virunga amazement and admiration, the South of Lake Kivu is blessed with magnificent enumerate of Eastern Lowland Gorillas which is another Gorilla species in DR.Congo. The Kahuzi Biega National Park where these Eastern lowland Gorillas flourish is open to daily visits and tours and the permit is $400pp.
On the western side of the Democratic Republic of Congo is its capital Kinshasa: the world’s second largest French-speaking city. It’s well-known as the destination of central African music, and the bars in Bandal or Matonge are having a high value for visiting to sample the local nightlife.
The great Congo River which is the Africa’s second exceeding River is another great mark to explore while on Africa safari in Congo while the Bambuti pygmies prospering in the Ituri forest offer a complete off the struck cultural experience.