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What to Carry For Mount Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking Safari

Good hiking Shoes

A good pair of hiking shoes, not necessarily the hiking boots is a must! You will need clear and good shoes that will help you to overcome the slippery rock stone while on this trek. Whether you’re hiking or descending from the volcano. Comfortable shoes are very important.

Warmer Clothes

Up on the volcano is too cold, its ideal you were warm clothes, and carry extra warm clothes for laying to sleep when you reach the top. Watching the bubbling lava lake at night is also more suitable when your comfortably dressed in warmer clothes

Emergence Dry Rain jacket

There are very many chances of facing heavy downpours along the way or at the top. It is recommendable to carry a lighter hooded rain jacket to protect you from the probable heavy rains and not too heavy to add weight for you.

Good Photographic Cameras

I know you can’t leave this behind! Come along with a clear camera and you will go back with memorable pictures, An iPhone with a good camera can as well help to record movies and pictures especially at night.

It is advisable to carry a hat and sunscreen. Nyiragongo is in the wild, you expect various whether changes, the scorching sunshine and heat are expected especially at the bottom areas of the volcano.


The camp at the top is very basic, there’s no light. It is better to go a long with a flashlight or headlamp to help light the way from your camp to the cooking hut to the lava lake

Pre-Charged Power Banks

There’s no electricity, so bring pre-charged portable chargers to help boost the power of your mobile devices.

Emergence Changing of Dry Clothes

Hiking is more exhausting and dirtying, your expected to sweat and should it rain, you will obviously get muddy output. It is therefore necessary that you go with reserve clothes to change into.